Python Installation and Get Started

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We need to install python to get started. You can download the latest version of python from
You can download for windows, mac, Unix and Linux os

How to check Python Version:

You need to execute the below command to know about the version of python.

>>> python –version

Python has different syntax for version 2.7 and 3.7. In this tutorial, we are using python 3.7 version.

Python First Program

I love the first program in python. Use Print function with curly braces to with quotes text to print hello world.

# This if First Python Program
print(‘Hello, world!’)

Python Get Started:

In Python, we can write and execute code in two modes. One is Interactive and second one is Script Mode.

Interactive Mode Programming:

You have to open command prompt then type python to log in interpreter

Python version: 3.63
>>> print “Hello, World!”
Output: Hello, World!

Server Side Mode Programming:

When you run a program from the interpreter, It won’t exist for a long time. It will delete code after exit from it. You have to save file with .py file extension to run.

Output: Hello, World!


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