Learning Java: Everything You Should Know

Learning Java: Everything You Should Know
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Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. This popular coding language is an excellent language to learn if you are just starting your programming career. But before you go ahead and take up courses in java, it is nice that you have a basic idea of what java is, advantages and disadvantages, and other basic information about this language for beginners.

What is Java?

Very much like other popular programming languages such as JavaScript and Python, Java is also a programming language meant for general purposes. Programmers describe it as a that is an object-oriented coding language, and with some of the similarities to C++.

Every machine that has the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) would run Java code, as it is also a platform.

Is Java Dynamically-Typed or Statically-Typed

As an aspiring programmer or someone just delving into programming, You must understand what a dynamic-type program and a static-type program is.

Dynamic-Type: if you have done a little bit of digging for some online assignment help, you should have an idea of what a variable is in a programming language. Dynamically typed programs such as JavaScript and Ruby allows you to declare a variable without specifying the type of data that you would be putting in the variable. The variable is usually dynamic and can be a sentence or a number or anything.

Static-Type: with statically typed languages, you do not have the same freedom with the variable. You have to declare the value of each variable or what they would hold. For example, you have to specify that this variable will be number, this one will be letters, this one will be dates, etc. each variable is defined. This makes the statically-typed language more structured than dynamic-type.

Of the two, Java belongs to the more structured static-type language. If you are just learning to code, it makes more sense that you learn a static-type language first, that is one of the reasons Java makes sense for learners. It allows you to learn that additional layer of code and allows you to have explicit variables. Developers note that from their experience working with other programmers, it’s easier for people who learned to code with static-type language to handle dynamic-type language than it is for people who learned with the dynamic-type program to handle static-type programs.

Difference between Java and JavaScript

JavaScript was created in the mid-90s by Netscape. At the time it was called LiveScript. But people did not pay attention to it, and the developers saw that Java was the language everyone was up about, so they changed the name of their program from “LiveScript” to “JavaScript” just to get some attention off the noise around Java. The strategy was a popular one as JavaScript also became popular and remains very popular to date. Apart from the similarity in their name, there is no other technical relationship between both programming languages. Our developers and content makers have been able to confirm that if there is a technical similarity between both languages, it is the fact that both of them were developed with syntax from the C programming language. What this implies is that if you are familiar with the use of one of the languages, you would not know how to handle the other by default.

Is Java the Ideal Coding Language for Beginners?

Java is a very good language for beginners to start for the next reasons:

  • It is a well-established programming language because it has been around for so long. So, there are a lot of books and online resources on this language that makes learning to code easy for the beginner.
  • It is easily the most widely used programming language, and there are a lot more developers on this language than on any other languages in the world. So, people know this language very well and you can easily get help and mentorship from people.
  • It is a static type language. Like I explained earlier in this article, beginners should learn the statically-typed language than the dynamically-typed language.
  • The syntax of Java is gotten from the C family programming language. This means that if you understand Java, it is easier for you to also learn and work with other languages such as JavaScript, C# or C++.
  • This coding language is object-oriented, so most of the foundational concepts learned in Java can be transferred to other languages.

Disadvantages to Learning Java

If java has any disadvantages, it will be the learning curve which can be fairly steep for beginners. It is been a while now that java has been around, so you have access to a lot of libraries and resources for your work. There is also many java open source community that can be very helpful for you. But the bad part is, you could have all of this resource around you and you just do not have an idea where to start or how to go about it. This is even worse if you are trying to learn it on your own and it can be a very daunting task.

This new java ecosystem can be very broad and very confusing for beginners trying to learn on their own in comparison to learning some of the other languages. That is why you should try to learn with a teacher or mentor, so, it is easier for you or you to attend coding boot camps where they can put you through.

On the technical front, Java is more suited for large and complex tasks, so, if you are looking to write a quick script or do some lightweight tasks, then Java might not be the best tool for you.

How to Start Learning Java?

  1. Start with a different language: if you are someone who is very much into coding, then you would not mind coding in any language at all. So, if you do not have any exposures into coding at all and you want to learn Java. Start with JavaScript. This will give you the idea of coding and will help you determine if it is something you like. From there, you can move to Java.
  2. Get resources online and read books: if you want to learn this language, there are a lot of resources online that are helpful, even books that use the write my thesis platform are all free and available for you online.
  3. Attend Java meetups: there are probably some java groups in and around your area or distances that you can easily navigate to. These meetups are an ideal place to meet people and learn more about this programming language.


While there are some coding languages out there, Java is the most used in the world, so learning it is not out of place. However, the coding language you are learning is only as important as the level of seriousness you put into it. If you are still contemplating or are not serious about coding yet, then you can play around with any language. But once you decide to learn to code, choosing your preferred coding language is what comes next.




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