100+ Entry level to Senior Business analyst interview questions and answers

100+ Entry level to Senior Business analyst interview questions and answers
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Here are 100+ Entry level to Senior Business analyst interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced professionals to crack the interview very fast.

What Is Business Analysis?
What Are The Industry And Professional Standards Followed By Business Analyst?
Who Uses The Output Produced By Business Analyst?
What Are The Qualities You Have That Makes You Suitable For The Position Of Business Analyst?
What is a flowchart and why it is important?
Define Use Case Model?
What does UML stand for?
Do you think Activity Diagram is important and how?
Can you name the two types of diagrams heavily used in your field?
Do you know what is meant by an alternate flow in a use case?
What are exceptions?
What are extends?
Name the two documents related to a use case?
What is the difference between Business Analyst and Business Analysis?
As a business analyst, what tools, you think are more helpful?
In your previous experience, what kind of documents you have created?
What does INVEST stand for?
Define SaaS & Paas and IaaS?
What steps are required to develop a product from an idea?
What do you think is better, the Waterfall Model or Spiral Model?
How can you explain a user-centered design methodology?
How do you define Personas?
Define Application Usability?
What is a database transaction?
Define OLTP Systems?
Do you have any idea about Pugh Matrix?
What does FMEA stand for?
What is a 100-point method?
What is 8-omega?
Can you define mis-use case?
What is SQUARE stand for?
What is Pareto Analysis?
What is Agile Manifesto?
What BPMN stand for?
Define BPMN Gateway?
Name the five basic elements’ categories in BPMN?
Have you ever used Kano Analysis in your previous jobs and how do you define it?
What are the key areas in a Kano Analysis?
Define Pair-Choice Technique?
Do you have suggestions to make an effective use-case model?
How many types of an actor can be depicted in a Use-Case?
Define BCG Matrix?
How can you differentiate between pool and swimlane?
Differentiate between Fish Model and V Model?
How do you manage frequently changing customers’ requirements while developing any system?
Define Use Case points?
What does PEST stand for?
Name the four key phases of business development?
Define Benchmarking?
What do we mean by SWEBOK?
What do you know about GAP Analysis?
Define Agile?
Define Scrum Method?
What does JAD stand for?
Why Excellent Communication Skill Is Essential For A Business Analyst?
What Is The Difference Between Data Model And An Entity Relationship Diagram?
What Is The Educational Qualification Required For A Business Analyst?
What Is Uml?
Mention The Components Of Uml?
Mention Some Of The Important Points A Business Analyst Must Take Care While Preparing Business Plan?
Why Is Business Analyst Position Vital In An Organization?
What Are The Quality Procedures Followed Normally By A Business Analyst?
How Is Requirement Analysis Done By Business Analyst?
Does The Business Analyst Interact With Clients Directly? If So State The Reason For The Same?
Mention The Difference Between Business Process Improvement And Business Process Reengineering?
How Is Business Plan Evaluated?
What Are The Problems Business Analyst Could Face During Gathering Business Requirements?
What Can A Business Analyst Do Differently Than Project Or Program Manager (design Architect) With Respect To Successfully Getting The Project Implementation Done?
Where Would You Document Functional And Non Functional Requirements (i.e. Deliverable)?
How Do You Identify The Basic Flow? What Would You Do If Someone Was Struggling To Determine The Basic Flow For A Use Case?
What Is The Relationship Between Use Case And Test Case?
What Would You Do If The Client Says That You And The Other Analysts Cannot Directly Talk To The Users?
We Are Going To A Client On Monday To Help Them With Their Requirements. We Have Just Received A Business Case From The Client, And They Have No Tools In Place. What Would We Do The First Week?
Good Documentation Management Systems Are Highly Recommended In System Development; Briefly Describe The Factors That Contribute To A Good Documentation Management System?
Describe The Abbreviation Ooad As Used In Object Oriented Programming?
Describe The Importance Of An Activity Diagram?
What Is The Main Quality Of A Good Requirement?
What Are Different Diagrams To Be Known By A Ba?
Where Did You Use Rational Rose & Requisite Pro?
What Do Understand By Version Control & Configuration Management?
What Are Different Software Methodologies?
What Is Uat?
What Do You Mean By Data Mapping?
What Is Black Box Testing?
What Do You Mean By White Box Testing?
What Is Bug?
How Do You Measure The Quality Of A Product?
What Is Rad?
What Is Etl ?
How Do You Resolve Issues?
How Do You See Your Future As A Business Analyst?
What Do You Think Is An Important Characteristic That A Business Analyst Should Have To Tide Over Tough Times Of Project?
How Would You Make Most Sense Out Of The Business Requirements To The Developers?
What Are The Most Important Software Tools That Ba Should Be Accessing To Coordinate The Team Through The Project?
How Does A Business Analyst Play An Important Role In The Initial Stages Of The Project?
What Are The Different Documents That Can Come Across To The Business Analyst?
What Are The Things That Have To Be Considered While Writing A Business Document?
How Can A Ba Be Of Assistance To The Marketing Team?
Ba Is The Bridge Between The It And Non-it Persons When It Comes A Software System. Does It Mean That Decision Making Responsibility Can Be Rested His Hand Entirely?
We Have Met Several Business Analysts. Why Are You The One We Should Hire?
How can you make pricing model for your business ?
How can you kill feature?
How can you add a feature request?
What is difference between UI/UX ?
How can you convince about one feature with your CEO ?
How to do A/B Testing ? How it helps in Selecting Best Design ?



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