numpy.moveaxis() function with example program in python

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numpy.moveaxis(): This function move axes of an array to new positions.

Syntax: numpy.moveaxis(a, source, destination)

Other axes remain in their original order.

New in version 1.11.0.

a : np.ndarray
The array whose axes should be reordered.

source : int or sequence of int
Original positions of the axes to move. These must be unique.

destination : int or sequence of int
Destination positions for each of the original axes. These must also be unique.

result : np.ndarray
Array with moved axes. This array is a view of the input array.

import numpy as np a= np.array([[1,2],[2,3],[3,4]]) print(a.shape) np.moveaxis(a, 5,3).shape print(a.shape)


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