How to Generate More Conversions in eCommerce

How to Generate More Conversions in eCommerce
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The growth of the eCommerce industry has been very massive in the last few years. There are many more online stores opening up making the industry even more competitive by the day. If you are one of the millions of eCommerce stores out there and you want to retain your competitive edge for many years, then you have to start working to improve your conversions now.

The truth is, you do not have the luxury of time and chance to wait to have conversions. To put things into perspective, by the year 2021, the eCommerce industry is predicted to have up to $4.88 trillion in global revenue. So, the competition will only get stiffer. The sooner you start to convert your traffic into sales, the better placed you are to reap the benefit of a fast-growing industry.

To start generating more conversion for your eCommerce store, here are some actions you must carry out.

  • Have a clear purchase call-to-action

If you are going to turn the traffic on your website into product sales, then you need a clear CTA. It helps to convert website visitors into customers within a short while. Common examples of CTAs are “Add to Cart,” “Buy Now” buttons at a strategic part of the website where they are easily visible. These CTAs make it easier for customers to make a choice.

A typical CTA is a short phrase such as “Checkout Now.” They are more effective in this way. You also have to make sure it aligns with the interest of your website visitors.

It also helps to create a sense of urgency for prospective buyers and this goes a long way to increase your conversion.

  • Make checkout easy

This is a very important step to increase your conversions. By making it an easy and simple process to checkout, you will easily make more sales.  An example of a checkout process that you can adopt is Amazon’s one-click checkout procedure. With this buyers can check out more quickly and more efficiently. This will reduce the amount of time spent placing orders and encourage the buyers to come back.

One of the reasons that people abandon the eCommerce cart most of the time is due to the number of steps involved in checking out. It takes too much time and it is discouraging.

  • Visible payment methods

There are hundreds of ways to make online payment without needing a card. Some of these methods include e-invoices, bank transfers, direct debits, digital currencies, and digital wallets, etc. Your website must be able to cater to different types of payment methods if there is a need, especially since these types of methods are becoming more popular.

While it is impossible to have hundreds of payment methods on your website, you have to study and understand your target market and provide them with the payment method that’s most suitable for them.

You could survey to know the three most common payment methods in your industry or sector and implement them on your eCommerce store. This alone can help increase conversion rates on your eCommerce store by up to 30%.

However, you do not want to have a redundant payment method in your store. You must constantly check for the most used payment methods and the most requested one and make changes whenever necessary.

  • Brand or product review

A powerful tool that you can use to convert interest in your product into sales is online reviews. People might visit your website with some interest in your product or service, and they just need something to convince and push them. Hearing about your product or service from a third party, in most cases, is enough to convince them to click on the “buy now” button.

One thing that reviews do is that it gives the prospect the impression that you are a serious and trustworthy brand or seller (which you are). Reading about the effect of your product or service might also trigger the need in them which is all they need to make the purchase.

87 percent of people that read online reviews instantly believe what they read, and between 20 & 50 percent of buyers make their decision based on the review they read. It’s harder to convince people without reviews. They need to know what people that have used your product and have a first-hand experience of it think before they commit themselves.

  • Mobile-friendly website

More than half of online traffic is from mobile devices, so if you are not switched on to this yet, you are cheating yourself. According to best essay writing service, the number of people accessing the website through their mobile devices continues to increase, so, your website must be compatible with mobile devices.

The fact that the mobile-friendliness of a website helps with search engine ranking is another reason why you have to optimize your website for mobile. Otherwise, your website will be less visible online.

Also, you have to consider the fact online shopping carts are abandoned more on mobile devices than they are on desktops. One of the reasons is because of the slow loading time. Shoppers will easily abandon their checkout process if it takes too much time to load. But a mobile-friendly website will load faster.


The only way to being a successful eCommerce store is by making more sales. This means that you can turn your website traffic into sales of your product. This only opens when you can optimize the conversion rate on your website. But you have to be deliberate about it and take the right steps to increase your conversion.



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