Creating Remarkable Online Courses: Step-By-Step Guide 2020

Creating Remarkable Online Courses: Step-By-Step Guide 2020
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A common feature of the internet today and many online businesses is online learning. But much more than just putting out information online for people to learn, there are now many online courses aimed at teaching different things to a different audience. This is one very profitable business, and many online tutors are already earning as much as 6 to 7 figures from this business.

To put this into perspective, it is estimated that by the year 2025, the e-learning market will be worth as much as $300 billion, and the spending of corporations and individuals in this market is set to increase. So, if you are still thinking of going into this business, this is the best time for you.

To help you create an online course, here are 7 steps.

  1. Choose A Topic

This is likely going to be the easiest part of the process for you. Since you are the one creating the study by yourself, it should not be a problem. You should look no further than things that are very much a part of your everyday life. To determine the topic that suits you best, you should try to answer these questions:

  • What are those things that your friends and colleagues always ask from you and consider you an expert at?
  • Have you been able to resolve any issues that other people have struggled with before?
  • Is there something other people need but you are an expert at?

Creating an online course to teach others should be centered on something that you know and have passion for. It has to be something that you love doing, otherwise, you are more likely to stop before you have any real chance for success at it.


Another important factor that you have to consider before choosing a topic is the potential for profit. You are going to be making a very high profit at it if it is a common problem with people and one that they would be willing to pay for.


You should ask yourself if people already pay to get the solutions that you might be offering. Are there other services, apps or books that address this? These are pointers to know if it has a high-profit potential or not.


Another way you can find out the profitability of a course is to use a survey to find out people’s opinions.


After creating this course, you can determine the number of your audience that has enrolled. You should create a landing page and actively seek potential learners that might enroll. You could also create public posts asking people to sign up, create an email list and advertise your course. Then, try to make possible alterations based on the feedback you get.


  • Research The Subject

This is another crucial part of the whole process. Without proper planning and researching the course, there is no way you can create a good course. Another thing you want to consider is that you do not want to set up a course and then end up dishing out false or unorganized information, or you give information to participants that they can get for free elsewhere.


You should also be creative with your ideas and research. If there are subtopics that you would want to add to the course, you should also research everything. Even if you are already an expert at the topic, researching it will do you and your audience a whole lot of good.


  • Develop Your Course Outline

Now that you have researched your idea, the next step is to try to develop your course outline. You would have probably gotten plenty of ideas from all of your research. This is the time for you to break those ideas down into an outline. Divide it thematically. Develop the topics into a logical order.


This step helps you to be orderly and simple in your presentation and even though, it is important, it’s not compulsory. It just helps you to do better. If you feel you can do well enough without this process, then fair enough.


  • Write Down Your Goals And Objectives

If you are going to be successful at any endeavor at all, you need to, first of all, set your goals and objectives. This is what you work with and pursue till success. It is not any different from creating an online course.


For you, your objective should be for your students to learn and understand your course while you provide them the knowledge and direction that they need. One of the reasons why this step is important because it allows you to align your teaching methods with your objectives and you are also able to communicate what you expect from your learners and allow them to self-evaluate.


  • Develop Your Course Content

Developing your course content has to do with what you have in your course outline and what you have planned. You can get your course training materials from educators and other experienced trainers while creating your course. But it is also a good idea to repurpose some of your old contents. This will work better for you if you already have a blog or have recorded other webinars, training or workshop. Go through your computer and bring back some of those old materials.


For you to develop your course content smoothly, you should have a schedule or plan. There are 4 phases to course creation:

  • Pre-production
  • Writing
  • Recording
  • Post-production


  • Get Your Video Recording And Presentation Tools

You have to ask yourself the question of how you would be presenting your course material. There are different ways in which you can do this. You can:

  • Start a video tutorial
  • Share text-based content
  • Record a podcast

The method which you choose to present your course material could also be determined by the type, of course, you are teaching and your students. If you are teaching people to make a craft, the most effective method is the video tutorial method. They could easily misinterpret a text-based content, plus your students would prefer to watch you do it as you teach them as well.


If you are going for the video method, for instance, you will be needing software such as Screencast, Camtasia, Audacity, O-Matic and Adobe Premiere. You will also need a camera, a microphone, etc.


  • Develop your learners

According to a publication on the write my thesis platform, the best value that you can get for your student is to develop them into a community. Learning is also a social process as much as it is an individual activity as well.


People who are given to learning will always look forward to communicating with other people that studying the same thing as they are and try to share ideas with them. Another advantage of building a community is to make your students self-sufficient. You might not have all the answers that they need as their instructor but within a group or community, they can always communicate with themselves and help themselves out when necessary. You should also initiate discussions by yourself in this group for the students to contribute and also learn.



Online school can be a good source of income for you if you have something to offer that can solve a common problem that people have. You can make this a passive source of income or better still, a main source of revenue. This business has a lot of potential for profit and by taking your time to develop your online school, you are setting up yourself for success.


As much as you can make a lot of money from this business, it is very invaluable how much you can impact people’s lives by simply passing across your knowledge to others. So, you are simply doing what you love and making money as well.





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