Best Affiliate Marketing Courses to Make money Money Online

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We have all dreamed of working from home a time or two, able to jump out of bed and skip the commute to the office working in our PJs all day if we please. What keeps most of us back from quitting our 9-to-5 is the money, as it provides us with security and a certain lifestyle. If that is your case, then we have some good news for you! You can make money, any time of the day (even during nap time) from anywhere in the world with affiliate marketing. If it sounds too good to be true, we’re here to tell you it’s not, and we’ve got the scoop on how you can start with the top 20 best affiliate marketing courses of 2020.


What is Affiliate marketing?


So, before we ramble on, let’s back up a bit. You might be wondering, so, what exactly is affiliate marketing? We’re glad you asked. Affiliate marketing is a way to earn commissions with clicks. That’s right, each click on a link that leads to a sale goes directly to your pocketbook, which could add up to a lot of dough if you’ve got a high-traffic site.


How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?


Affiliate marketing is as simple as a few clicks at some point but, not at the very beginning. For affiliate marketing to work, there must be three parties involved. These are:


  • The seller
  • You – the affiliate marketer
  • The buyer


Sellers look for advertisers to add links on their websites and reward them when purchases are made. Most often, the money that goes to you, the affiliate marketer, is already worked into the price, not creating any kind of pressures for people to buy from your link. Sounds pretty awesome, right? If you’re ready to get started, let’s get to the courses.

Top Affiliate Marketing Courses for 2020

1. Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard

Commission Hero is an online course out together and taught by affiliate marketing expert Robby Blanchard. It takes you through all the details, starting from the very basic and increasing in importance from there. When you sign up, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, starting with a look at traffic, both free and paid. You’re taught how to turn leads into sales and how to create both websites and advertisements that turn organic traffic into real buyers.


Commission Hero is the #1 ClickBank affiliate and has been for many years running. Using the system taught in the course, you are guaranteed to know how to create landing pages that potential customers will want to click on and Facebook ads that start earning you money. Everything is targeted on earning big, something that most people that enter into affiliate marketing are looking for. This course focuses a lot on paid traffic, something that you usually don’t find in some of the other courses out there.


Price: $997


Pros Cons
–          Focus on paid traffic that is a bit different than other courses out there –          Unclear about a refund policy

–          There are more than a few hidden costs throughout the course

–          The #1 affiliate for ClickBank
–          Taught by Robby Blanchard, one of the highest-ranking affiliate marketing masters in the world


Visit Comission Hero Website

2.The 6 Week Super Affiliate System Pro (SAS Pro) by Johnny Crestani Course

Johnny Crestani is a corporate guy gone affiliate marketing genius! After leaning his job, he built an empire in just a few years, raking in sustainable income that works for him day and night. In this course, he shares his expertise and experience all packed into 6 weeks. This course is set up to target those who are looking to make the big bucks with affiliate marketing, as Johnny himself takes you through the process step by step. With this course, you’ll have everything set up by the end of week one and even work with Facebook, Bing, and LinkedIn ads.


The course is easy to follow and Johnny is a dynamic teacher with loads of energy in his lectures. Using video lectures, quizzes, tests, and daily homework assignments, you’re taken on a realistic journey, one where you will see how work today turns into an amazing profit tomorrow. Here, you’re not learning any get rich quick schemes or anything like that, just a good set of skills to set up your site and wait until your money starts to roll in.


Price: $997


Pros Cons
–          6-week step-by-step course –          Only for very beginning affiliate marketers
–          Get your site’s setup up the first week –          Not clear if there’s a refund policy
–          Enjoy the dynamic teaching of Johnny


Visit Superaffiliatesystem Website

3. ClickBank University


ClickBank is one of the largest affiliate marketing companies on the web. They put together a platform that is packed with video lectures, step-by-step videos, interviews, and tools. Combining all of these amenities, you have a shot at creating a highly profitable affiliate marketing empire but, be prepared to be your number one motivator. Unlike some of the other courses that require your attendance and that lead on a step-by-step journey, you’ll have a ton of information to access and pick and choose how you want to learn.


This is a better course for some of you out there that already have some experience with affiliate marketing, and quite possibly have at least a foundational idea of what it’s all about. You do not get your affiliate link either, all of the products used do not allow purchase through your affiliate link. Plus, you have to add a disclaimer to all of the places you post just FYI. Other than that, if you like the idea of organizing your learning, this could be the perfect course for you.


Price: $49 per month or 2 payments of $297


Pros Cons
–          Created by one of the largest affiliate marketing companies in the game –          Must add a disclaimer to all of your links

–          Do not get your affiliate link and cannot purchase with your affiliate link.

–          Tons of content on site
–          Access to top affiliate marketing tools

Visit ClickBank Website

4. Affilorama


Affilorama is like an affiliate marketing playground. You’ll find everything that you need to know around the platform, in the form of video lectures, text, and more. You can join for free and have access to a large community of affiliate marketers of all levels that use the platform for their learning needs. On top of the lessons and video lectures, you also get access to a ton of tools, most of which you can use and continue to use throughout your affiliate marketing journey.


Included as part of the platform is Affilorama’s signature feature AffiloJetpack. This is a look at all of the niches that are pulling the most profits, all bundled together for you to see. This helps when building and linking websites, helping you to create those which potential customers will likely click on. This pack includes quality keywords that are meant to pop up in search engines faster and eye-catching graphics that drive traffic your way.


Price: Free material + products starting at $19


Pros Cons
–          Platform with loads of content –          A little outdated- some of the content hasn’t been updated in a while.
–          Super affordable price
–          Access to Jetpack with ready-to-use graphics and keywords

Visit Affilorama System Website

5. The Wealthy Affiliate

The Wealthy Affiliate is one on our list that has a totally free option! You’re not just getting training and possibly lectures (depends on the membership) but you have an entire platform to practice with. They have sites that are already up and ready to go guaranteed to turn a profit and products from top names like Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and YouTube that you can sell instantly. One of our favorite things about this course is that there is a large lesson on traffic. Traffic is the flow of potential clients you have coming to your site. You’ll learn the latest techniques for analyzing traffic to your sites, learning how you can tweak things to attract relevant customers that are more likely to make a purchase to your site.


The Wealthy Affiliate course even offers hosting and access to a network of other highly successful affiliate marketers that are ready to lend a helping hand. The pricing is a bit different, as you’re paying for much more than just a one-time course. You’re paying for a membership fee to get access to all the tools and to build your sites from the ground up.


Price: $49/ Month


Pros Cons
–          Great platform with templates and ready-made profitable websites –          Not a one-time course fee
–          Everything you need in one spot
–          The network is pretty solid, with successful elite affiliate marketers


View Wealthy Affiliate Website

6. Super Affiliate System


Super Affiliate System has been recognized in some of the top lines of media including Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and Home Business. Started by affiliate market superstar Johnny Crestani, this program is aimed at beginners and teaches them everything from start to finish. The program beings with a look at how you can earn your first commissions, plus a look at approvals from affiliate networks. And that’s just week one! Included are 6 weeks full of lessons that build on one another. By the end, you’ll start to learn a larger-scale way of doing things, including how you could earn up to $20,000 per day.


The end is also full of ways to create a more business-style setup from your own affiliate marketing. Included is a piece on how to hire and manage media buyers, which could help you create an entire organization with your own campaigns. This program is not just about getting off the ground, it’s also about how to create a highly profitable well-running business that makes money for you day and night no matter if you’re logged on or not.


Price: $997


Pros Cons
–          Full-blown course with that takes you from rookie to expert –          Only for very beginning affiliate marketers
–          Learn how to earn commissions in your first lesson –          There seems to be no refund policy
–          Course recognized by Forbes, Yahoo Business, and Home Business


Visit Superaffiliatesystem Website

7. Six Figure Mentors


Six-Figure Mentors focuses on multi-level marketing (MLM). One of the key areas is affiliate marketing but, it is not the only one. In their system, they show a ton of different methods of marketing and getting yourself on the world wide web map. Since content is constantly updated, there is a monthly fee so that you too can keep up with the up-to-the-minute techniques that are used by industry experts. While you will find video lectures, lots of content, and an updated library full of useful resources, there are a few of these additional resources that come with a fee.


That’s the only trick about this course, especially because there are different levels of access. You might find that the cost of the course adds up as you increase your expertise. Plus, there is no course outline to follow, which can be difficult when you’re learning the ropes. It can be better to have a bit more structure in the beginning then, sharpen your skills with content later down the road.


Price: $297 to enter and $97 per month after that


Pros Cons
–          Tons of material and some step-by-step training –          There are a few hidden costs to be aware of

–          Most content is open for use as long as you’re a member, so there is no course outline to follow

–          Get guidance from professionals throughout the course
–          Invitations to live events to meet other top marketers in the business


Visit The SIX Figure Website

Quit Your Job and Live the Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of!


Becoming an affiliate marketer comes with a ton of benefits. You can quit your 9-to-5 and watch the money roll at any time and from anywhere. While it can take some time to build, once you do, you’ll see the money rolling in, using that to build more and more sites that keep increasing your income.


When starting, you need a bit of foundational knowledge, something that doesn’t just come out of thin air. That’s why taking a course comes with all you’ll need to start on your path to affiliate marketing like the pros do. Start today, and watch as your empire expands day after day, you’ll be happy you did.



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