How To Start A Blog That Make Money $1000 a month

How To Start A Blog That Make Money $1000 a month
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I will help you. How to become a successful blogger, by creating a wonderful blog. So do you want to create a blog & get paid? Do you want freedom from your financial problems? There are hundreds of websites on the internet. Which can teach you about blog writing but only a few of them will show you their income proof along with it. I am creating blogs from a decade. And I also have launched several of my own blogs. And help hundreds of other companies to start their own successful blogs.


I know several of you will think that creating your own blog is hard. And you have to be a coder to make your own site. Or a professional writer with a fancy degree to start a blog. But I will assure you none of that matter. This article I am writing for a beginner blogger. Who just has only basic computer knowledge. So no matter what your current skills are. I will show you how to create a blog in only 5 minutes and can earn $1000 a month!


But 1st Thing You should know what a blog is all about?


What does the blog mean?

The blog is a website that is more focus on written content. You may often hear about the blog post. You also have listened to News Blog or Celebrity Blog. You can start a blog on any topic you like. But remember to make money through a blog; You should use a blog topic that has higher traffic. So that more people can read your content and the more money you can make. So think like that you will get money by writing about a topic which you have passion for.

But Believe me money is not everyone wants in life, a blog can make you 

  • Famous
  • Wealthy
  • Sharing your passion aka knowledge
  • Social Celebrity
  • Keep your logs/Journal


But if you are wondering how? let me clarify.



  • Make You Wealthy: Blogging can make you tons of money. If you did it correctly. Around the world, people are making quite good money and becoming top bloggers. You can also make money. If you do blogging part-time or full time. If everything goes fine you can earn a nice passive income. I will describe more money methods later in this article.




  • Share Your Passion: If You like to review stuff online. Ask Questions about anything about any subject! Share your opinion about any Subject. And if you want people to listen you follow you then blogging is great idea. People can read your opinion upon anything around the World. You can also keep logs of your daily lives. Like a journal and people read your day to day stories and follow you like a celebrity.




  • Become Famous: Yep You can become famous like celebrities by blogging. There are various examples in the world where People got famous. And even Press follow them wherever they go. It can give you lots of recognition in your life. People can call you an expert in a particular field or on a subject. And many bloggers also got movie & book deals for their work on that field.



So now you are very excited to be a blogger but also wondering how to start a blog of your own like:

  • Which platform to start a blog?
  • Which topic you should write/blog?
  • Which domain name to pick?
  • Where to buy a domain name?
  • Which company to choose for hosting?
  • Where to buy good hosting for your blog?
  • What are Easy Steps to install the blog for your domain?
  • Which templates/designs to choose for the blog?
  • What are important things to make your blog unique?
  • When & How fast to write your 1st blogpost?
  • How to write competitive articles for your blog?
  • How to choose a profitable keyword for your blog?


I will answer all your queries so sit tight & read carefully.

How to create a blog in 5 mins & Start making $1000 a month money?


  • Choose a Blog Topic. Choose something which you have the interest to write.
  • Choose Platform: There are various blogging platforms you can choose from.
  • Choose a domain name: Describe your chosen topic in a short way.
  • Choose Hosting: There are hundreds but we will help you choose the best one.
  • Make Your Blog Online: Install WordPress & Go Online. (full details below)
  • Choose your blog Style: Select from hundreds of free templates or paid ones.
  • Share Your Blog: Promote your blog online so that people can find and read your blog.
  • Monetize Your Blog: Display Ads or Choose other methods to make money from your blog.


If you happen to know some of the stuff below or already completed a few steps then you can skip and move on to the next step. It will save you time & make you more productive.

How to make a blog in 5 minutes from start with little or zero experience.

I make this guide for users who are just starting out to make a blog with little or no knowledge about blogging.

If you follow all steps carefully in the next 5 minutes you will have your own brand new blog online.

& it will be the most unique & different blog from the rest of the world.


Step 1: Choose your blog topic & Domain name for your blog.

  1. Choose a topic that you have an interest in & love to write about.
  2. Select a domain about your topic & It should be easy to remember.
  3. Your domain should be easy to pronounce and easy to type.

Remember these things before you choose your domain name. Then you will unlock the 1st stage of your blogging career.

The name of your blog is the most important thing for every successful blogger out there. A domain name is a URL of your blog which visitors see on Search Engine & on their browser tab.

For e.g

When you choose a free platform like or then you will get a free subdomain for e.g &

You can also choose a custom domain for your free blog platform. But I will suggest you choose your own hosting and domain if you are serious about your blogging career.

So what is a custom domain?

A custom domain is e.g but it’s not free. You will need to spend around $10 to $ 15 depending upon the extension you use. And also the duration you choose. I will share your tricks below to buy the domain less than the above amount or free of cost 🙂

Now, I will give you some important tips which other guides won’t tell you. I am sharing my most important experience.

  • Always choose .com extension for your domain because it will rank faster in Google.
  • Always choose easy to remember domain which should not be similar to other famous domain out there.
  • Choose Bluehost for your domain and hosting purpose. It is the fastest and reliable & used by all famous bloggers in the world. Because your site speed matters when Google ranks your website.

You can also use the Bluehost domain suggestion feature to get the most simple & easy to the type name. Add your topic name and it will show you all available domain name suggestions.

Remember my above suggestions while choosing your domain name. And below I am giving some suggestions not to do while choosing a domain name for your blog.

  • Never ever choose a long domain name. Keep your character below 12 e.g reddyblog
  • Never ever use domain extension like .org, .net , .info etc because it will not rank as good as .com extension.

Step 2: Choosing Hosting for your brand new blog:

Remember these choices can make or break your blogging career so be wise.

For this tutorial, I am picking the WordPress platform for blogging. & Every new or pro blogger should choose WordPress only. Because it’s easy to use and lots of support online available in every area.

So let’s Choose Hosting for our WordPress platform. Hosting is basically a server where our site stays 24*7 with all text, images, designs & comments everything is stored on the server.

The good thing about hosting is that you can get good hosting at a very cheap amount nowadays.

There are thousands of hosting available online but I will recommend you to choose Bluehost as your hosting platform. It offers every feature that every blogger requires.

So what makes Bluehost differentiate from its competitors.

  • They are providing Free SSL
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage
  • The free domain name (Saving of $12/year)
  • Easy to use cPanel.
  • Live chat support
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

& most important part they are only charging $2.95/month

I will show you how to buy hosting.

  • First, go to
  • Then click on the Get Started Button

Select plans which suited your needs. If you are just starting out with only one blog. Then choose a basic plan & if you plan to create several blogs then choose plus one & So on.

After Selecting your desired plan you can now claim your one-year free domain on the very next page. Didn’t I told you above about free of cost domain 🙂 If you still not choose your domain name & want to decide for later then you can choose option later on.

After that fill your all information on the next page. Remember to click or skip a few extra packages on this page to save some money. You can still select them later on.

Skip all extra packages if you don’t need or you don’t know anything about that.

Underpayment information. You can pay via several methods like credit/debit cards & Paypal etc.

Once payment is Successfully done. Bluehost will create your blog in a few minutes. Its automatic process which saves you tons of time. It’s very easy for new beginners & you will get your brand new blog up & running.

If you are a visual learner you can watch the video below which will help you set up your blog.

Embed Video

Here’s The Exciting Part:

After you are done buying your hosting and free domain from Bluehost. They will automatically install WordPress for you. You don’t have to do anything.

But further moving ahead watch the video below to understand how Bluehost dashboard works?

Embed Video

Step 3: Selecting The Blogging Platform

As we discussed earlier. We are choosing WordPress as our blogging platform. But you might wonder why to use WordPress?

Because Most of Successful bloggers use WordPress.

WordPress is very easy to use & Popular blogging Platforms.

& if you don’t know around 30% of the world’s websites are powered by WordPress.

WordPress users make 42 Million New Posts & 62 Million New Comments Every Month.

More than 1.2 Million People Hosted WordPress Site For Every 6 Months.

WordPress is by far the Most used CMS of All time.

Step 4: Setting Up Your Blog

As I said above that Bluehost will automatically install WordPress for you. But however you are not done yet, you will need to write your Blog Title, Descriptions & tags. Which fits for your blog branding & after that You will write your 1st blogpost.

Let me describe steps in details

When you log in for the very first time, Bluehost will present you with a very simple wizard. And you can easily set up your WordPress blog by following through it.

If you don’t see setup then You shouldn’t be worry Because Its easy to install WordPress with Bluehost. Just go to my sites and Create a Site as shown in the below image.

Then fill out all the wizards Like Site Name & Tagline for your site etc. And also username and password for your WordPress blog etc

When you finished all this then you can access your WordPress blog dashboard by typing wp-admin after your URL


Step 5: Choosing Your Topic about the blog.

First thing you should decide about which topic you would love to write about. Which topic attracts you and keep you motivated & passionate to keep writing a new blog post on a daily basis.

Don’t make a blog about random things, subjects and only think about making money. This doesn’t work in today’s time. People won’t relate to your other content & hence won’t follow you. If you want to be a successful blogger choose a single topic. That’s why it’s important to choose your niche.

Also, Google won’t rank your blog for many topics. Because it’s hard to maintain the quality of every subject you write. People should know that, If they want information about a particular subject. Then your blog name should come to their mind. Choose a topic so that you can rank on Google Search Engine Where People Can easily find your blog and love to read it.

For e.g ReddyBlog is a website about blogging and that’s how people are finding us.

But now the most important question is that,

How to find a perfect topic for your blog?

I will suggest a few tips & tricks which will help you get started:

  • Find a topic that you have more knowledge about. It doesn’t mean it should be about your job. It could be anything. Think about a topic which you like most and you can talk about it with others.
  • Choose a topic from what you read most about. If you read about something it means that topic makes you more interest in it.
  • Make sure you have a good interest in that topic. More interest you have more in-depth you know about that particular topic.
  • Take a pen paper and write down topics in which you have an interest. Like for e,.g: Motivation, Fashion, Finance, Technology, Arts, Body Arts, Scientific Research, BabyCare, Health Care, Productivity, etc. Now try to write at least 10 different post titles about a topic you like but remember don’t use references and let it be generic. It should be from the bottom of your heart. After writing all 10 post title. You will automatically get to know which topic you should write about.

I am sure these above steps will definitely help you choose a topic for your blog. Which you are most passionate about.

These tips will help you and clear your mind when your blog will become online.

If you pick a topic which you like most which you like to write & talk about then you will not get bored or uninterested over time. You will always be willing to write something valuable for your readers. Which you and your readers will enjoy. So, now I am 100% sure that you have already chosen your desired topic. Which will make you tons of money while you enjoy writing about it.

Step 5: Choosing a design for your blog.

So until now, We have completed three important steps like 

Blogging platform, Blog Topic, Hosting & Domain Name. 

After these, we are going to choose about blog look. You know in today’s world look is more important not only for humans but also for your blog. Your blog look & its User Interface (UI) will decide your first and last impression. Readers love to read from stylish elegant design & They will remember your blog from its look.

In the world of WordPress. There are not only hundreds but thousands of free & premium themes out there. I will recommend a premium theme for your blog. Because premium themes always get updated. And you will also get help from the developer if anything goes wrong. And more importantly, you will get quality & most unique design for your blog.

Below are easy to use responsive and modern WordPress from which you can choose from


  • Themeforest:


 It is one of the biggest and most popular websites for WordPress Themes. Where normal people can buy and developers can sell their themes. Normal prices for theme are from $5 to $40, which is very convenient and affordable. You will not only get beautiful themes for the price you pay but also many extra features. And the price also depends upon how complex the feature of theme is. You will also get to know the amazing people at the site. They have a great community of bloggers, web designers and developers.


  • Elegant Themes:


It is also another popular website for WordPress Themes. It’s not biggest like Themeforest library. But you will get quality WordPress themes. Elegant Themes got an excellent reputation for its amazing features. And the best of the tool for WordPress. It also has a range of complex functions and also simple to use and customize.


  • WooThemes:


Its only website which gets the seal of approval from Due to its selection and wonderful WordPress themes collection. They have excellent customer support. If you like the rough and edgy style then you should definitely check them out. They release themes every month with options like one buy one get the offer. They recently started a monthly subscription. So that you can access an unlimited number of themes.


  • WPZoom:


It is founded in the year 2008 which is having great premium WordPress themes. These themes are very affordable in terms of price. One of key things of this site is that they give lifetime support for their themes. You don’t need any other assistance for the future. They don’t have too many premium themes. But remember it’s very cheap to become a member and access all themes on an unlimited basis. 


  • StudioPress


It is also one of the most top-selling WordPress themes on the market. They have very professionally designed themes with very affordable price tags. They offer themes based on the Genesis Framework. Which is great for customization and a great tool for building a WordPress website. Their theme can be purchased individually or if you wish you can buy them in bulk quantity.

There are many premium themes out there. But I will recommend from above because your blog will look more professional.

Step 6: Installing WordPress Plugins

Like themes, There are thousands of WordPress plugins are out there. 

So How to install plugins for your WordPress Blog?

The plugin will make yours and your visitors live very easy. You can still your WordPress blog without a single plugin but Plugins will make your life way easier. As a new blog owner, you should learn how to properly install the plugin for your blog.

Installing plugin isn’t hard it’s as easy as you just installed WordPress for your blog. WordPress developer makes it very easy as any average joe can easily install.

To install the plugin simply go to the left side of your admin panel then click plugin→ Add New

You don’t have to leave the WordPress dashboard to install a new plugin. You can simply search for it. WordPress developer makes it very easy for the average joe.

In the above Gif Image. You will notice that at the top of the page. There are several tabs that will let you switch the available plugins list.

  • Featured: In this tab, WordPress will recommend you a few plugins. And on the bottom of the page, you can use tags to search Plugins. 
  • Most Popular: It will show you all popular plugins list from top to bottom.
  • Recommended: It will suggest you plugins based on your previous Installation.
  • Favorite Plugins: It will show you plugins which marked by you as a favorite.
  • Search: It’s simple just type plugin you want and it will appear.

Install a Plugin

As shown above, by switching tabs you will have different types of plugins available for installation. For example, If you search for “free under construction page” Plugin. It’s a plugin to create a beautiful under construction maintenance page for your blog. If you click on the name or click on more details link, Then a popup will open with additional information about the plugin.

You can also see who is developer. Plugin rating. And how many active installations (people having plugins running on their site). Last update timing and compatibility with your WordPress version, etc.

  1. Go to plugins tab -> Add New
  2. Find a plugin of your desired with search function
  3. See more details about a plugin before installing it
  4. Then click on “install button”
  5. After plugin Installed Click on “Active” button

Remember its important to click on the “Activate” button after plugin gets Installed. Once you activate the plugin. WordPress will redirect you to a list of activate plugins. Once you reach this page. You can activate, deactivate any plugin you want. 

Now you successfully installed Plugin and activated it. To start using the plugin, you should go to its setting page & set it up. Every plugin is different with different functionality and features. You will get used to it after installing 4 to 5 plugins by yourself.


I will recommend below plugins that every blogger must have from start.

Here is the list plugin which you should have

  • Yoast SEO
  • ShortPixels
  • WP Super Cache
  • Jetpack
  • MonsterInsight
  • Everest Forms
  • User registration
  • Akismet
  • wpDiscuz
  • UpdraftPlus
  • NextGEN Gallery
  • Easy Social Sharing
  • Maintenance Page

You can also find the best premium plugins from these below places.

  1. CodeCanyon
  2. PickPlugins
  3. Mojo Marketplace

If you followed all steps then I am sure your new blog is up & ready.

Now Comes Most Important Part. You will do this repeatedly, regularly and that is adding new content on your blog.

How to plan content for your Blog?

Before you should start writing on your blog. You should have a definite plan which will help you create new content every time with ease. Remember content is king. More unique content you have more traffic you will get on your blog.

You can use excel or Google Spreadsheet for planning your content. There are many apps also available both on Android & iOS which will help you create your content.

In the above example Image. Write Your post title on the content title. And the assigned date after that writes how you will promote it & when you are planning to write it.

Make sure to make create an outline for your content if you like. It will help you focus on each Heading of your article.

Make sure to make all planning at once go, Don’t procrastinate on planning. After you have done this Then Start writing your article.

How to write your first blogpost with ease.

Now the real fun started. Which is writing your own 1st blog.

I will share a few tips for you to get started your 1st blog.

  • While writing an article no matter which topic remember as if you are sitting with your friend. & You are talking to him. Always write in the first tone. Because there is a single person reading your blog like you are reading this blog alone. This is why you might notice my tone is like I & You.
  • Your content should cover all points of that particular article. Don’t be shy if your article exceeds 1000+ words too.
  • Don’t copy images from google. Because images can be copyrighted always use free/paid stock images sites.
  • You can also add a video to your article. It will make your article more interesting. You can also embed a YouTube video.

If you want to stand apart from the crowd then start reading about SEO Copywriting. This will help you drive more traffic to your blog for your particular keyword.

Don’t forget to add pages to your blog.

Below are important pages that every blog must-have. & add these pages now.

  • About Page: This page contains details about you. What you do what you like etc like your Facebook Profile. Which will help readers to know more about you 
  • Media Kit: You don’t need this page right away. But in the future, you need this. This page will help you make money. Because you will write about your traffic & how others can sponsor or advertise on your blog.

How to find the most thoughtful & profitable topics 

If you want to write about a topic. Which people are most searching. And wanted to read about your subject. Then you need to invest a little money. You need SEMRush or longtail keyword software. To find these ultra-high profitable keywords for your blog. By using these you will get tons of traffic to your blog. Which you can convert into easy profit. And easily cover this software cost. You can also start a free trial of this software which will cost you nothing.

Below I will show you find profitable keywords with SEMRush

How to use SEMRush to find the most profitable keywords

For this tutorial, I am using daily blog tips as an example. Because it is also a blog that is giving tips about the blog & hence my competitor.  You can use this tutorial as an example. To find the most profitable keywords from your competitors.

Step 1: Enter your competitor’s domain to get keyword ideas.

In the below image I have added the domain of my competitor & in the blink of second SEMRush showing me their data.


Important tip: Always make sure to use your targeted country in SEMRush. So that SEMRush can show you data from that region only.

After you click “Full Report” under “top organic keywords”. Then SEMRush will show you all the keywords of a site that is ranking for.


Now you will see much information like important keywords. For which blog is ranking on Google. And how much traffic these keywords are getting for that blog etc.

Once you got all the information. Then focus on the next step which will help you find the most profitable keywords.

Step 2: Click on “CPC Section” to get all high paying keywords


See how magically SEMRush presents you the golden nuggets. You can see all high profitable keywords.

Step 3: Gather all information from your 1st competitor & Then go to the next domain

After gathering all the important keywords in one place. Do the same thing with your other competitor. Then as you imagine you will get a huge list of all high paying keywords. It will definitely increase your AdSense income.  No matter which Subject on your blog is. You will always get a helping hand from SEMRush to find profitable keywords.

If you are finding an alternative to SEMRush. Then let me tell you. Before you search in google, No tool in the world will give you most features at a cheap rate except SEMRush.

How to write competitive Articles

Now you have all the most important profitable keywords. You have your Topic of post ready. But now you will have to write the best article. So I will help you write the best article and competitive article.

Research your readers

  • Research What amazes your reader. If you want to write amazing articles.
  • People who comment their opinion on the article
  • Readers should decide which content is amazing

In simple words. If you want to make an awesome article. Then find out what your readers think is awesome.

So how do you find out?

It’s easy. Let me show you

  1. Using Alexa to find number and geolocation
  2. Use Google Analytics to find your most visited article
  3. Use buzzsumo to find top sharing pages

I will show Alexa’s example in this article

  1. Go to and use the free version
  1. Type in your blog’s or Competitor’s ( URL.)
  2. Then Click Find
  3. After that, a page will load scroll it till you find country

You won’t get to see other metrics without a paid subscription but you will get to from which countries people are visiting the blogs.

Take note on what are the other countries from people are visiting

This is an important step to get to know what your visitors are liking

  1. Check engagement metrics

It means it will tell you what visitors doing on your/competitor’s blog. Its like storytelling.

So what above term means?


Bounce Rate: People not reading or reading what they want & leave.

Daily Page Views: How many visitors visiting the blog daily

Daily Time On Site: How much time Visitors Spending on the blog.

I repeat, This numbers will help you decide which content & topic to choose, So don’t skip anything.

  1. Take Note of top Keywords

in below example, Alexa showing lots of visiting coming from the word “keyword planner”

Above example, you will get to know what people are interested to read. If you write about keyword planner then you will also get lots of traffic.


Always give your visitors what they want & you will win.

So always keep an eye on your competitor’s strategy it will help you decide your content how they write. If they can do it then why you cant?

Always find out who is your competitors by searching on google and similar site websites.

How long your article should be?

To know do the following steps

  • First, paste your keyword on Google & open top ranking site
  • Copy article
  • go to & paste the article
  • Note number of words on the article

This word count will help you find out How many words your article must contain.


How many images should your article contain?

The answer is similar to your count competitors’ words. Now count your competitor’s images.

Also, check

  • Number of images
  • Style of images
  • type of images

How to write the best article in your Niche?

Observe your competitors and learn from them. See how they write certain topics & copy their style. you will learn a lot by copying them. It’s like how your baby learns things by copying you. No one is born with great skills. Everyone copies one another so just copy how they write & don’t copy their article.

As shown above, Find your competitor is the biggest part. If you successfully find your competitors in your niche. Then simply understand you have completed great part.

Observe the following things in your competitor’s article

  • What is their topic?
  • How they write a title for that topic?
  • How long is their article?
  • How many images they have in the article?

Follow the below steps to write an excellent article

  • Topic
    • Make it unique
    • Describe the reader how to solve or achieve their goal
    • Explain all steps
  • Introduction
    • Use at least 100 to 200 words
    • it should contain 5 -7 paragraphs
    • Talk in the first person
  • Body
    • Always use simple language
    • No slang and bad words
    • Use short paragraphs
  • Images
    • Use 10 or above images (checkout above)
    • Don’t use clipart in body
    • Use infographics, graphs make it engaging
  • Conclusion
    • Use 3-5 paragraphs
    • Use FAQ’s

I believe after doing all these steps you will be able to write the most competitive articles for your blog.

How to make the blog unique by using Infographics.

Why Use Infographics In Your Blog Post?

Daily millions of blog posts published online. But if you want to be extra creative and wants to add some spice in your post. Then you can make your post outstanding by adding videos. But if you are new and short of cash your best bet is to create an infographic.

It is affordable & even captures sudden your reader’s attention. 

Sample of the infographic.

By adding an infographic to your blog you can turn a boring blog to an interesting one.

So Benefits of adding infographics are countless but below I am mentioning few of them

  • Infographics are attractive and look eye-catching
  • By including infographics You look Expert in your blogpost subject.
  • Infographics always increase your blog traffic. Because people love to share such posts on Social media.
  • They are easy to remember, read & simple to understand.
  • Since it is loved by social media users and they actively share it. Your site social signals increase 10 fold. And Google loves social signals. Hence your blogpost can rank high on google. A high ranking in Google means more free traffic.

How to drive traffic to your blog

If you are reading this then you should have completed all the above steps. & not only your blog but also your 1st article is now live.

Now, what next You may be wondering. Next is traffic. It means readers for your blog how they can find you?

They can search for you on Google. They can find you on Social Media & There are free & Paid tactics you can use to drive traffic to your blog.

Go on Social Media

Once you start writing. And your blog stabilized. Make sure to connect your blog with social media so that readers can join you.

Don’t stress on these things. It will come as a flow, just get started & I will help you with the best resources available.

You need a Facebook page; an Instagram account & probably twitter account to get social.

I will provide you guides

  • How to create a Facebook fan page 
  • Your blogs Twitter Profile

Methods to make money from your blog 

There are many methods for a blogger to earn handsome passive money. With different resources.

Below are the most popular ways.

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Guest Article (Getting Paid for writing )
  • Product Review
  • Amazon Affiliate 
  • Direct Ad Sales
  • Selling Digital/Physical Products e.g eBooks, online courses

How to make your 1st $1000 with your blog

Since I showed you methods of making money then your next should be setting a goal. Without a definite goal you won’t achieve anything in life. So I will show you how to earn 1st $1000 with your blog.

Remember making $1000 is an easy task. & You should not worry about following things

  • Don’t worry about getting too much traffic
  • Don’t worry about writing too many blog post
  • Don’t worry about building a great community around your blog
  • Don’t worry about building huge email list

Remember if you make some cash then you will definitely motivate to achieve more out of it. If you are wondering why I have set an exact $100 amount as a goal? It’s because of its least amount you can cash out from Google Adsense.

However, we are not only focused on Adsense but also on other things too. 


  • Small Email List


One of the easiest ways to make $1000 from your blog is through email lists. You just need 300 to 500 people on your list. And then send them an email with your affiliate product link. It will give you a least of $50 as a commission for each sale. See if out of 500 people only 20 people buy the product from your affiliate link you will easily make your 1st $1000.


  • Writing paid Articles


In similar, you can write Paid articles for promoting other people’s on your blog. You don’t need to charge $100 for each article. You can start with $10 in beginning with just 100 such posts you will easily make your 1st $1000.

How to increase your blog traffic

After reading about making $1000 money with a blog. You are maybe very excited to get your 1st $1000. But remember without traffic Its still not possible to make $1000 monthly from your blog. So in this topic, I will show you how you can increase your blog traffic by following these simple tips.

  1. Post your content on twitter.
  2. Try to increase your twitter followers.
  3. Link your blog on twitter.
  4. Make a Facebook page for your blog.
  5. Increase your Facebook likes.
  6. Share your post on Facebook Page & Groups related to your blogs.
  7. Build an email list of subscribers from the beginning.
  8. Host webinar (it’s important to build an email list)
  9. Creat quality content
  10. Integrate the Social button on your WordPress Blog.
  11. Also, make a page on Linkedin.
  12. Open a Pinterest account and share your content
  13. Make an ebook and & offer the visitor of your blog in exchange for an email address.
  14.  Try to place an email box at the top right. So that people easy to find it and subscribe.
  15. Include RSS feed for your blog.
  16. Make YouTube videos and link them with your blog.
  17. Try to write catchy headlines.
  18. Try to get a guest blog on bigger blogs on your niche.
  19. Comment on blogs of your niche
  20. Reply to comments posted on your blog
  21. Try to get an interview with famous people in your niche

You may be now very overwhelmed with tasks in your hand. don’t you?. It seems too much work at the moment. You maybe never think about the amount of work it requires to get traffic. But Its worth it & the result will be very fruitful.

Top 10 Richest Bloggers Who Are Earning Millions of Dollars

Yep, you read the headline right. Yes, you can too earn millions of dollars by writing blogs as these people proved it. If they can do it why you cant?

That’s why I am posting about these guys to motivate you.


  • Syed Balkhi


He is a Pakistani entrepreneur who is living in America & founder of OptinMonster. He is the richest blogger in the world & he is earning millions of dollars per year.



  • Joshua Micah Marshell


He is also one of the Richest Bloggers. And He founded Talking Points Memo Which is the best blog about American Politics.



  • Ewdison Then


He is also the Richest & Most famous blogger in the world. He is the founder of Slash Gear & GIXIO. He writes reviews about gadgets. And millions of people read his blog before buying any product.




  • Peter Rojas


He is running three blogs & he often writes about the latest technologies. His blogs are Joystiq, Gizmodo & Engadget. He also reviews games & gadgets.



  • Darren Rowse


He becomes very famous throughout his blogging career & he is also one of the richest bloggers. He writes about blogging and shares his extensive knowledge about blogging. He is famous for the Problogger site.



  • Michael Arrington


Do you know about the TechCrunch site? Yep, this guy founded it. His website is most famous and writes about technology development.



  • Pete Cashmore


He started his blogging career by passion and see how he is the world’s most famous and richest blogger. He founded Mashable Site. His net worth is 47 Million Dollars.



  • Pat Flynn


He writes about a business blog where describes how to make a name for your self in business. He is running successfully blog smart passive income. If you want smart business ideas then you can visit his website.



  • Collis Ta’eed


He is one of the richest who is earning 40 million dollars. He is the CEO of Envato. He writes about the trending and industry of blogs & graphic designing. 



  • Timothy Sykes


He helps his reader about trading penny stocks & makes huge profits. He is earning great passive income from his blog & He runs timothysykes website. His current monthly income is 200000 dollars per month.


How much I am earning from Blogging?

I have started blogging for the last 3 years. In the beginning, I wasn’t that active and not doing that great. But when I pick up the pace then I haven’t stopped since then. I am sharing my income proof with you guys so that you can also become motivated. And start your blogging journey right now. Also remember, It won’t happen in one night. It requires dedication and especially passion to earn passive income from blogging. 


See how my Email Subscriber increases from time to time. Email Subscriber is generating most of the income right now.


For Every Successful blog, traffic plays an important role. I have done massive work on SEO for my blog & now I am getting tons of organic traffic


So if you are wondering how I am getting this ton of free traffic. For that you should learn SEO below I am describing it in a simple way. 

Learn SEO (search engine optimization) to drive organic traffic

Seo isn’t a simple topic. And difficult to complete in this article alone. But I will highlight some of the important points to let you know a little bit about it.

Many aspiring bloggers don’t know or don’t concentrate on the SEO part which is the biggest mistake they make. If you don’t concentrate on SEO. Then you cant become a good blogger. Because what if people cant search you on google then who will read your blog? How do you become famous? & how can you earn money? So don’t skip this part. It’s essential to make you money.

There are three important aspects of SEO:

  • On-Page SEO: It determines where to place your keywords, Your article word counts, Your Headings, Your Title, Your Content Quality, etc.
  • On-Site SEO: Sitemap, Google Bot, Spider crawling & Indexing of your site in Google.
  • Off-Site SEO: Link Building (backlinks) from another site pointing to your blog site,

SEO is becoming more advanced day by day. And Google’s criteria to rank site improved drastically. These two factors below also have importance.

  • Social Signals: How much your blog gets shared on social media? This is also become now an important factor to rank your site on Google.
  • User Experience: Is your blog responsive? If it is then google will index your site more fastly than nonresponsive sites. Your blog speed, SSL & Navigation Is an important part. That’s why I recommended you to chose Bluehost & WordPress as a blog platform.

Should also read about these topics to learn more about SEO:

  • How to do keyword research
  • How to write SEO friendly article
  • How to make a backlink for blog

How to make backlinks for your blog

As discussed above on off-page that you need to make backlinks for your blog. In order to rank your site higher on google. Making backlinks is the backbone of SEO. Without it, you won’t get a higher ranking in Google. No matter what you do. As quality content is important to do quality backlinks matter.

Backlinks will decide your reputation in front of Google. It increases your site trustworthiness. Google or any search engine’s main concern is to provide. The best possible result for their user’s search query. 

Let’s understand this by taking a live example.

if you put “best times to post on social media” on Google then See the result 

So if you think why on earth from all site this site is ranking high on google? Yep, the content is great but it’s not the only reason. It’s also because of their backlinks.

If you go to Monitor Backlinks and put this site in the competitor’s section. You will see all the backlinks the site has. 

So remember You need strong backlinks to rank high on Google.

Simple tips and tricks to get backlinks


  • Broken Link Building Trick


It is the best method to create backlink and it works perfectly to create one-way backlinks. The method is to contact the website if they have any broken links on their site. And they can replace their link with your site or your content containing your link.

So how do you find websites which have broken links?

You can simply find them by using Google and entering below terms

  • Your keyword + links
  • your keyword + resources
  • keyword inurl:links

After you getting tons of site you can find broken links on their site using chrome extension “check my link”. Using this extension you can easily find all 404 links on the site.

Now, an important task is to contact the webmaster. Be friendly and introduce yourself in profession manner. Tell him that some content on site is no longer available. Give him the exact URL of the 404 error link.  Give him alternatively your site link or an article with your site link. Try to be friendly and helpful and not greedy for only backlinks. Sometimes the webmaster won’t reply or refuse in this case just move on.


  • Backlink via infographics


As we already discuss about infographic in the previous chapter. But in this chapter, we will focus on making backlinks via infographics. It is a popular method to earn valuable backlinks for your blog. 

There are a number of infographic directories where you can submit your infographic.

I will share the top 10 directories where you can submit and earn backlinks.

  1. Reddit infographic 
  3. Infographic Journal
  4. Flowing Data
  5. Mashable Infographics
  6. Infographic Bee
  7. Good Infographics
  8. Cool Infographics
  9. Daily Infographic
  10. I Love Charts

And you can also reach people via email. Who have previously linked to similar infographics or share them on social channels. Ask their feedback for your infographics. Never ask for a link directly. If they like your work they definitely share on social media and put them on their site with credit to your site.

3. Benefits of Guest Blogging

It’s one of the best ways to reach a new audience. When you publish new articles on other popular websites. You will get a chance to come in front of new readers. And can win more exposure. It’s not always about backlink. But also increase your reputation in the online world.

By Guest blogging, You will reach on new heights and can easily expand new readers for your own blog. But you will ask how to find sites in your niche which can accept guest posting. I will show you methods that will help you reach potential sites which accept a guest article. No matter in which niche you will have.

  • your keyword + inurl:write-for-us
  • your keyword + guest-posts
  • your keyword + inurl:guest-post-guidelines
  • your keyword + become a contributor
  • your keyword + bloggers wanted
  • your keyword + submit an article
  • your keyword + want to write for
  • your keyword + contribute
  • your keyword + become an author
  • your keyword + guest post by
  • your keyword + now accepting guest posts

You can also find an influencer in your niche and always guest posts on a regular basis.

Research via social media to discover more options

On Twitter, you can search for a guest article , guest blog, guest post or guest author. 

Whenever you publish a guest article, always remember to put a link on social media profiles. If people enjoy your social media post. Then they can become your regular readers and wait for your future articles.

4. By Spying on your competitors 

The next method is spying on your competitors. You don’t have to be James bond to spy. there are various tools available online which will help you with this. By spying your competitors You will get to know their link building strategy. By following their strategy You can also make a backlink for your blog. 

1st spy your competitors on social media and look for link building and how they are earning it. Also, look at how they are publishing their content. Their article how they write. Which they tone they are using etc.

Always be alert when your competitors published new content on their site.

Subscribe to their email newsletter and also follow them on social media. Use your 2nd email and 2nd social media account and don’t use your blog one for obvious reason. You can also create a google alert for the particular keyword. “” For example, If my competitor is Techcrunch. Then I can easily create an alert by using Google.

Always know-how your competitors building their backlinks. And what methods they are using to promote their site. If they are using the guest blogging method then you should also become guest authors on the same website. Which they have an article on. If they are getting a backlink from blog reviews. Then you should also get in touch with them and convince them to write a review for your blog too.

You can use many tools to gather data from your competitors like Ahref, SEMRush or Monitor Backlinks. These tools will you keep a tight eye on your competitor strategy and few tools give you weekly report too. 

Using SEO Tools you can easily find new link building opportunities. And easily make backlinks on a regular basis. Ahref even shows you how many backlinks do you need. To beat your competition for a particular keyword. You can also monitor your own backlinks and how many backlinks you earn in the last 30 days. How much you gain how much you lost. You can even get content ideas for your blog. Its a perfect tool for link building. If you are serious about link building. You should have it.

5. Building Internal Links 

Its important factor for running a successful blog. They always pass juice and you can use your desired anchor text. It will help your user navigate through the website. And increase your traffic for other posts 10x fold. 

There are tools that will help you create automatically internal link. There are plugins available for WordPress. But I will suggest you do it manually. And try not to overdo it. Keep it simple and readable while you creating it in your article.


How to Configure Blog with Google Search Console

Google Search Console helps you find out how your site is performing in Google. Its previous name was Google Webmaster tool.  You will get important info like which keyword is bringing you traffic. And Most important if google can access your content or not.

So how do you set up Google Search Console for your blog

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up with your Google Account
  3. Then add property

Remember you can add up to 1000 properties per google account. But here we only need 1.


  1. Add your blog URL

Enter your blog URL (domain name) & click continue. But remember to enter a complete URL. for example, your site is Then you have to add it needs exactly like this. 


  1. Verify your blog ownership by HTML Tag

There are many methods to verify your site ownership. But I have chosen a simple method so that you can easily verify your blog.


  1. Copy The Meta Tag 

Copy the meta tag like shown below & paste in Yoast SEO plugin.

  1. Go to WordPress & in Yoast SEO Plugin Go To General
  1. Click On Webmaster tool

After opening the webmaster tool. You will see Google verification option than simply paste your code.

  1. Click Save Changes 
  2. Go back to Google Search Console & Click Verify. 

If you need to check you have done everything right then Go back to Google Search Console 

Go to the top left menu and select your domain. If you are new then you will see your recently added domain only.

Click on owner Verification. And If you have done everything correctly then voila you are verified.

See it’s very easy to set up Google Search Console With Yoast SEO Plugin. 

Don’t skip these steps. Because Search console Gives you valuable information about your site. It does not only show you.  If everything is running right but also shows you if there is anything wrong with your blog.

How to Setup Google Analytics for your blog.

To get to know your traffic insight. Then You should install Google Analytics on your WordPress.

Google Analytics can help you determine

  • Who visits your site?
  • What people do when they are on your site?
  • When people visit your site?
  • How do people find your website?
  • How exactly are people interacting with site content?

To get all this info you should set up for Google Analytics by following steps below.

  1. Visit Google Analytics
  2. You can sign up with your existing Google Account If you don’t have Google Accounts Then make one.
  1. After signing up you should ask to connect your Gmail account with Google Analytics 
  1. On the next screen, they will ask about a website or mobile app account


After you fill out all your information as we did in Google Search Console


  1. After that click on Get Tracking ID

Now you will get your tracking code. Copy this code because we also need to paste on our WordPress blog


  1. Now Go back to WordPress & install MonsterInsight Plugin

Monsterinsight is one of the best & popular plugin for WordPress. The plugin used by over a million people. And it is also one of the easiest ways to install Google Analytics on WordPress. The plugin is available as a free & premium version. You can buy this plugin. If you want more advanced features but for beginners, the free version will suffice.

  1. After Installing & Activating. It will bring you, Setup wizard of the plugin, 


It will first ask you for your blog category. Select 2nd option because we are setting it up for the blog. Then click Save & continue.


  1. After that click on connect monster insight button



  1. Connect Plugin with Your Google Account


  1. Then Final step is to select your blog & click on Complete connection button


 & here you go Successfully Setup Your Google Analytics With WordPress.


How to enhance the blog experience and reduce bounce rate.

There is a big difference in normal blog and good blog.

In a Normal blog where people come to see some content. And leave immediately. But a good blog is where people stay, read & invest their valuable time reading your blog.

If you want to become A list blogger then invest your time in every small detail about your blog. By Practicing these things. The casual readers will become your avid follower & will check your blog daily for new updates.

If you don’t invest your time in detail. Then people will leave the blog immediately after they visit. It will increase your bounce time so remember to keep eye on small details. Always remember these things

  • Blog Readership is more important than SEO
  • Retaining Targeted Reader is more important than the casual reader
  • Killer Headlines to attract people to read your blog
  • Reduce bounce time by keeping eyes on small details.

Remember, you are lucky to read this blog before starting your blogging career. Back in the days. There is little to no information available. And even people sell this information as an eBook. So, brace yourself that you are reading such premium stuff for free.

While now there are hundreds of resources available on the internet about blogs. So join groups and forums related to blogging. And you can also comment below. I will happy to help you out.

How to collect Email List From Your Blog

Before telling you how to collect an email list. First, you should know! Why you should collect an Email List in 1st place?

An Email List will help you get in touch with people. Who is interested in your blog content. Which can be potentially turned into your customer. And new sources of traffic too. You can pitch them your upcoming, Physical/Digital Products. Or notify them of Your upcoming blog post or an event. There are many ways to monetize from your subscriber list.

  • It will be guaranteed Reach to your targeted traffic. People usually skip a post on facebook. twitter but they do not miss any email
  • You can directly access your audience without the help of any other medium. Like social media, where you have very little control.
  • You Can integrate an email newsletter within your WordPress blog. Better than facebook or any other medium
  • Power of Better Targeting You can Target Specific Country state even cities. Special type of user which like certain things over others

So how could you build your own email list with your blog?

1st you need a reliable email service provider. Which is have expertise in email delivery services. So that email can reach your audience inbox and not on their spam.

So Which Email Marketing Service You Should Choose?

There are hundreds of email service provider are on the internet. And Because of constant competition. We can get the service for cheap and reliable too. Below I am mention Few Service Which I Use.

  1. Aweber
  2. Constant Contact
  3. Campaign Monitor
  4. MailChimp

With Aweber, you can start your first month at only $1.

Once You Sign Up with your desired service provider. The Very Next step is to integrate with your WordPress blog.

To increase your email subscriber, you should have to split test. Where your audience signing up from that particular place of your blog.

Some places where you can integrate into Word Press Sites are

  1. WordPress Lightbox popup
  2. Floating Footer Bar
  3. Slide-ins or slide-ups
  4. Generic Sidebar & Post Forms
  5. Contact Forms

Once you start to build your email list the next step is Interacting with your subscriber.

You should have a habit of sending important content via email which could be weekly or monthly. which lure your subscriber to visit a site and perform certain actions as you like.

Other Mediums Where You can learn more about Blogging

Everyone learns differently. And everyone has a habit of starting something. Then soon after some time. They will forget about it. That’s why I will tell you top Youtubers who will guide you in your blogging career by subscribing to them. 

You will constantly get updated about blogs. Hence you will never lose your grip after starting your blog.

  1. Blogsquad

This youtube channel made by Patsi Krakoff & Denise Wakeman. If you need any help regarding the blog then you will find most of your answers from them. They both are experienced & talented. 

Their Youtube channel is

  1. Ms. Ileane Speaks

She is an expert in blogging SEO & podcast creation. She is posting videos for a decade. She has uploaded many series on various topics like blogging social media etc. 

Her Youtube channel is

  1. SixFigureBlogger

This channel created by David Risley. He also owns the website Blog Marketing Academy He does blogging as a full-time job from years & till now he has earned millions. he always uploads informative and popular things do check out his channel and blog. Their Youtube channel is

  1. MyBlogGuest

If you are planning to write an article as a guest. Or inviting others for writing for your blog. Then you will love this channel. It’s one of pure guest blogging channel on youtube. He often created very funny videos about how to pitch for guest blogging. Their Youtube channel is

  1. For Bloggers, By Bloggers

It’s a new channel. And they don’t have much content like others. But believe in me. They are great & their video quality is superb. You will learn how to use social media like Pinterest product reviews. And generating quality content on trending topics. Their Youtube channel is

So what is a recent buzz around blogging industry in 2019

The blog industry sees small to large changes every year. Below, I am briefing Massive changes in the blogging industry in the year 2019

  • The number of people going online keeps increasing
  • Despite booming in video industry Blog readers keep increasing
  • Mobile platform keep increasing & Number of people reading blogs on mobile only
  • English Still remain the Main language of the blog
  • More brands   to focus on bogging
  • More visual content like infographics is kept growing
  • People reading more personalized content
  • Brand partnership increase \ing between bloggers
  • Posts are now optimizing for voice search
  • There is also buzz that the robot will start writing a blog post in the very near future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can beginners make money from a blog?

Beginners can make money from the blog. By driving traffic to their site from social media. And putting ad networks like AdSense & Affiliate Marketing.

How many posts should you make daily?

If you are writing a small article. Then one post daily can be enough. But If you want to write longer content then 2 or 3 articles a week is enough.

When to start monetizing your blog?

When there is daily enough traffic like 200 or 300 visitors daily. Then you can start monetizing your blog.



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